Machinery and Technology

High Pack has developed a healthy capital structure in order to be able to invest and seek constant growth to benefit to the most from innovations and new business markets.

This is the result from the guidance and entrepreneurship of our management department.


This is one of the departments at our facilities where sophisticated software detects any possible mistake and/or problem before production.

The installed capacity is a cutting-edge CTP-System. We elaborate our own high-quality printing plates and that allows us to reduce waiting time in order to satisfy the demands of the markets we focus on.


Our printing machinery is the latest technology available and works not only for traditional materials like cardboard, but is also able to print on new trends on the market like METALIZED Y PLASTIC materials, as well as a large array of varnishes (glossy, matte, textured, etc…), all by rolling through one and the same feeding unit.

Our integrated and also external inspection systems of highly competitive technology automatically carry out corrections of colorimetry, spectrophotometry, registers, measures, dirt on the sheet and validation. Some of these machines undertake extremely accurate evaluations comparing what is going to be printed with the original design sent and approved by the customer, checking letter by letter, space by space, these having to match 100% in order to be able to proceed to massive production. This provides absolute safety to our customers.
  • Hybrid press where we can work with UV inks.
  • Offset varnish (glossy, matte, and protection)
  • Acrylic varnish (glossy and matte)
  • Glossy or matte UV varnish (flood or spot in register)
  • Pearlescent varnish (Iriodine)
  • Scented varnish and micro-capsule
  • Drip-off or dispersion varnish
  • Soft touch varnish
  • Secure varnish
  • Adhesive varnishes

Stamping and die-cutting machines

We are experts at working with different substrates and paper weights, as well as with different volumes, sizes, and specialty solutions thanks to our autoplatines which allow us to improve continuously.

Stamping and die-cutting machines

Embossing and Stamping

Our machines are cutting-edge technology in order to produce practically perfect registers for braille, embossing, stamping, and placing holograms, thanks to the requirements of the markets for OTC products and cosmetics.

Embossing and


Our gluing machines have integrated electronic safety systems like Accucheck which carry out inspections carton by carton measuring colorimetry, text, register, cardboard surface, among other security parameters to avoid crossed contamination.


Packaging Solutions

The department for Innovation and Development at High Pack is composed of engineers and/or designers with vast professional experience. They are the ones who come up with custom-made ready-to-use packaging solutions for our customers.

To create structures of standard packaging as well as specialized packaging it is fundamental that we can rely on some of the most advanced software for engineering and design. We create 3D files and/or videos showing how the end product will look like (including visualization of varnishes, embossing, metalized effects, etc.) even before starting with production.

We offer packaging solutions for different uses of pharmaceutical packaging like:
Blister packs for pills, capsules, etc.
Pre-charged syringes

For markets like


Research carried out by pharmaceutical companies make an important contribution to society. The efficiency and safety against counterfeiting must be guaranteed.


“Over-the-counter”-products that can be bought without medical prescription are subject to intense competitive pressure and therefore, their secondary packaging must stand out in order to influence the customer's decision not only because of the associated trust, but also because of the authenticity of the product.

Generic medication

Today this market faces the challenges of producing in a safe, quick, and cheap way, and therefore our task is to provide solutions using materials, colors, or supply chain solutions for the product and the processes we use in order to generate savings.


We find them in food supplements, vitamins, natural and personal care products, among others where the challenge for the packaging industry lies in providing not only durable and secure product labels, but also to guarantee the ability to stand out on the shelves of the point of sale.